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Why Should I Believe the Bible?

Some people live only in the material world they can see and touch. Some admit to an awareness of ‘something more.’ Then you have many who have searched for the truth of ‘What’s Out There’…searching for some meaning for life or to contact other intelligence, if it indeed exists. Finally, there are those who turn to any number of religions and belief systems to figure things out. Some even try Scripture. Who is on the right path? Well, try this on for size!

Why should anyone trust the Bible? Wasn’t it written by a bunch of long dead, ancient guys? What does that have to do with us now?

Everyone would admit that there is a need for a Supreme Court of Appeals in order to stop anarchy. If there is a God – a God who created everything that exists – then He would not want His creation to descend into anarchy, would He? If He cares at all about the creation He made, then why would He leave us without a way to know Him, a way to understand and communicate with Him? The God we can know just by observing His amazing, vast and orderly creation is obviously not a God of anarchy, but order. It is not a stretch to assume He would provide some way for us to communicate with Him.

“The Bible makes high claims to Divine inspiration, inerrancy and authority; and if it is true that the Sovereign God of the universe has condescended to reveal Himself supernaturally in His Book, even as He has revealed Himself naturally in the material universe, then man – even in a world ruined by sin – has a firm foundation in which to build for time and eternity.” – David Otis Fuller, Which Bible?

That the Sovereign God of creation has done this in the Holy Scriptures is acknowledged by many, including the Bible itself. It also claims to be ALIVE! Yes, it’s a living thing which even a brief acquaintance will show you, without a doubt.

So we have the firm foundation we need to understand the Spirit side of life. Hang on! It’s an exciting ride!