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In Answer to the Nextdoor App Post ‘Paranormal’

Hi Christine, and all those interested in the paranormal. I’m going to dive right in since blog posts and apps don’t lend themselves to lengthy writing. First, I want to recommend that you watch a video I recorded called ‘Demon Possession at the Party.’ It’s on YouTube but you have to type in the title in the YouTube search to get it. It’s a new channel named SpiritWithUs, Julian Palumbo. That will give you more info than I can do here.

Dear friend who is reading this now, I bluntly warn you not to have anything to do with ghosthunting, the paranormal, seances, spiritism of any kind, so called party games such as Mary, Mary or fortune telling or ouija boards or pendulums. These are so dangerous I cannot emphasize enough how completely you must avoid them and keep any such things out of your own houses! See Perry Stone’s “Purging Your House, Pruning Your Family Tree,” chapter 2.

I’d also like to share with you this passage from Dr. Kurt Koch’s book, “Occult Bondage and Deliverance:” “There are innumerable passages in the Bible declaring quite clearly that sorcery and occultism are terrible sins which are an abomination to the Lord, and a forsaking of the living God. The following are but a few of these passages: Ex. 7:11-12 Acts 8:9 Acts 16:16 Acts 19:19 Isaiah 2:6, 8:19 2 Tim 3:8 Rev 21:8 Rev. 22:15

Quote continued, “Anyone who trespasses into Satan’s domain by committing sins of sorcery will immediately be harassed by the powers of darkness, irrespective of whether he takes the step consciously or unconsciously. …the effects make themselves felt in 5 areas of the person’s life:
1. The oppression of his spiritual life and faith, if Christian.
2. The character of the person may change to anger, temper, avarice, domineering as well as addictions may come out.
3. Sudden melancholy or depression, emotional problems
4. Mental illness or abnormalities
5. Development of mediumistic or psychic abilities End quote. I did paraphrase to condense the material as well.

Also, friends and neighbors, it is well known that when you seek out ghosts, you can easily bring them back into your home with you.
Let me also say candidly, there are no such things as ghosts, only demons masquerading as your dead relatives or figures from history or whatever, to deceive and mislead you. Have nothing to do with the powers of darkness, but rather rebuke them, the Word of God says.
If you go seeking hauntings and ghosts you will find them. And they will find you. Demons are real. They are higher intelligences than humans, being fallen angels according to Scripture. You can’t outwit them. They are liars and deceivers from the time they fell from heaven. The Bible says the devil has come to ‘steal, kill and destroy’. Who? You and me! Only in Christ do we have authority over the powers of darkness. In Luke 10:19 Jesus states, “Behold I give to you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy…” You must be a saved, born again child of God, living a holy life in order to wield that authority because the devil knows your sins and will laugh at you. The spiritual side of life is nothing to play with. Yes, there are haunted places in the earth, the Bible says so. But we are not to go into these realms. To do so is to risk your life and your family’s. The occult door you open will affect you and your children down to the third and fourth generation. The Bible tells us that we will come under a curse if we play with the occult in any form. These are things you may not connect with your ‘hobby’ of ghosthunting, such as marital strife, illnesses, accidents, losing things, and general chaos in your life. Remember these things can and will follow you home. You can even begin to have poltergeist activity in your home! Please, dear reader, be warned!

Come to Jesus, repent of sin and ask Him to be your Savior! He will fulfill those longings to be connected to the spiritual side of life that every human heart has!

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