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The Unwanted Pregnancy Solution: Abortion

Precious Reader, Satan’s deception from early ages is that we have the right to kill our babies if the reason is what we consider ‘good’ or worthy. The little one inside you, dear mother (for that is what you are, if you have gotten a positive reading on a pregnancy test!) is just as alive and whole as you are, make no mistake! This new baby is straight from the hands of the Creator in Heaven. He or she is a full person, just like you, right now. They are beloved of God, the Father in Heaven, just like you are, ever since before YOUR conception. The Bible says the Father knew you and loved you before you were concieved in your mother’s womb! And so it is with your precious baby in your womb right now! Jesus died for you and for your baby because He loves you both so much, more than our mere human minds can handle. Precious young mother, I pray that you will call any pro-life birth center, such as Birthright, or any one near you (just look up ‘pregnancy center’ or ‘pro life’ on your phone or computer), and consider adoption for your dear sweet baby, instead of the barbaric murder of abortion. God forgives everyone who comes to Him in repentance, for abortions of the past, and every sin that there is. But please don’t put this dark burden on your own heart.
There is a good and happy way to deal with an unwanted pregnancy, and that is to allow your baby to have a wonderful life in a family who is praying for a child to come along that they can love as their own. This is a brave, courageous and highly praiseworthy act of love and unselfishness on your behalf! These few months of pregnancy will pass quickly anyway. Be blessed by walking in the light, not the darkness of the enemy who wants to make you a murderer and forever destroy your joy with the memory of it. Only Jesus can completely restore that joy, and He absolutely will! But giving your sweet child a birthday and a chance to live is the best way. God bless you! Please leave a comment if I can be of help in any way! Read Psalm 139, especially verse 13. If you are a precious mother who has had an abortion, you will be blessed and healed by the book Tilly by Frank Peretti.

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