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Dear Readers, whatever drew you to this post, I pray you will find your answer in God’s Word and in His Spirit. The Holy Spirit puts this message on my heart for those involved, or thinking of getting involved in a homosexual relationship. There is a drawing, an infatuation, with the idea of a loving, sexual relationship with a person of your same sex. It seems magical, tempting, almost surreal and beautiful. Maybe even purer in a way than a sexual relationship with the opposite sex. It seems as though someone of your own sex will definitely understand you better mentally, emtionally and physically than someone of the opposite sex. And yes, they certainly would be more faithful, tender and compassionate than the opposite sex could ever be, right? Have I hit some notes that are resounding with you yet? You can feel caught up in a mesmerizing dream world in the midst of this humdrum real world. It may feel as though you are almost drugged with it…the beauty of it, the pulling desire of it. It’s so easy to take that first step, then the second, the third… Suddenly one day you wake up to the cold facts. You’ve been under a powerful delusion, a great deception of the enemy of our spirits. How could something so wonderful, so ethereal, dissolve into nothingness leaving you cold, empty and alone? At this point you scramble to replace that beautiful high. You’re confused, desparate to get it back. And you may just become aware of distant laughter as Satan delights in your misery. Another one fooled completely by his expert deception. It’s been a lie all along. But its so all encompassing, such a drug-like high, you can’t resist it . But Satan gets his fun by setting you up completely, and when you are all in, ensnared, he rips the bottom out from under you. He watches you writhe in pain and delights in every second of it!
1 Corinthians 6:9 says, “Do you not know that … those who participate in homosexuality… will not inherit or have any share in the kingdom of God? Do not be DECIEVED! (Paraphrased from AMPC)
Precious reader, God loves you so much He has forewarned us about the great lie of homosexuality! He loves you just the way you are, whatever you have done! God’s love far surpasses human love. Don’t make the mistake of judging God’s love based on how pepple love each other. No human, man or woman, can fill this crying need we all have for this kind of God love. He will forgive you anything, if you come to Him with a heart of sincerity. Jesus blood washes all sinners clean and white as snow. No sin is too big, or too bad for the power of His blood! His love for you caused Him to shed His blood for your forgiveness. Recognize, dear reader, that homosexuality is a huge demonic, and very successful, deception of the enemy of our spirit. He comes only to steal, to kill and to destroy, scripture says. Homosexuality ensnares your spirit like a bird caught in a net. Jesus can wipe away the drug-like deception and show you the truth of His love and the wonderful life He has planned for you! Talk to Him now. Ask Him to show you the Truth. He absolutely will.

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