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You Can Contact God

You can contact God. Emphasis on YOU! Scripture exists as a whole to show how much God wants to contact us. And He did reach into human affairs as far back as the creation of Adam and Eve. In fact, the reason He made them was to have a friendship, a relationship with them. Before they sided with satan (yes, I left out the capital on purpose) He used to come and visit them everyday; He walked and talked with them in the garden. He enjoyed them! Like a father with his beloved children, He just wanted to spend time with them. I love the fact that God brought each animal before Adam, and He let him name the animals. I’m sure He enjoyed seeing what His human child would name them!

But after Adam and Eve betrayed their Heavenly Father everything changed. Before that, Adam was in charge of all the creation God had made. After Adam disobeyed the one simple rule God had given him to obey, since Adam submitted to the word of satan over that of God, he also gave up his lordship, so to speak over the world God had created. That made satan the “god of this world” as it says in 2 Corinthians 4:4. That one act of sin changed everything. The Bible says whoever you obey, that is whose servant you are. That made man the servant of the devil. The next day when God came to visit Adam and Eve in the garden, Adam was ashamed and hid from Him. When God asked why, Adam admitted that he and Eve had eaten of the forbidden fruit, because they wanted the knowledge that God had. At least that is what the snake told them they would get if they ate it.

So now, we humans are a fallen lot. We take after our original father, Adam. We have a sin nature, a rebellious nature. I believe that if Adam hadn’t fallen into sin, then the next guy would have. It wouldn’t have taken long for someone to blow it, right? But God gave us our free will so that when we chose to love Him and obey Him, it would mean something. It would mean everything to Him. It means enough for Him to die in our place to pay the price for us so that we can go back to having a relationship and a friendship with Him. He wants that so very much, He gave His own Son to die in our place! This kind of love is beyond human understanding. We just have to take it by faith.

So, I’m laying the foundation here to prove to you, dear Reader, that God still wants that original friendship and love relationship with you as an individual. He delights in you! I believe He created humans because He dearly wanted people who would freely choose to love Him. Who would need Him and rely on Him to meet their needs and care for them. Just like a great Father and child relationship. So it makes total sense that He would make it easy for us to contact Him. If we just call out to Him He hears us and answers us. Jesus said after He goes back to Heaven, after the Resurrection, that He would not talk much with us because He does not have anything to do with the god of this world. But He does communicate with us in many ways other than talking out loud, as He once did in the garden with Adam. He speaks through His Word the living, breathing Bible. Suddenly a phrase will jump out at you, and it will be an answer to the very thing that’s on your mind! Or you will sense a message in your spirit from the Holy Spirit. There are many ways He talks to us. I’ll go into them in another post. But for today, know that if you call out to God He will answer you. Look for His answer! You will hear it, or see it. He is anxious to have that relationship restored with His human children! And those of us who do walk and talk with Him everyday know that we would never want a life without His loving friendship and care. His presence fills you up inside. It is beautiful and unmistakable! It means everything to the human heart. It’s what we were made for! When you finally connect to the reason for your very existence, life has meaning and joy. It has a purpose and a destiny. You find fulfillment. He formed us from clay in the garden so He could have someone to love!

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